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Blackwall Construction Ltd. can apply a fresh coat of parging mix to your foundation, helping  You maintain the look of your home while ensuring your foundation is protected

A new coat of parging, by Blackwall Construction Ltd., can prevent moisture entry into your foundation,

and help improve the overall appearance of your home

What is EIFS

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)  are multi-component exterior wall systems which generally consist of:
  1. an insulation board
  2. an adhesive and/or mechanical attachment of the insulation board to the substrate or existing wall surface
  3. a base coat reinforced with glass fiber mesh on the face of the insulation board
  4. a finish coat which protects the entire system and can be applied in a wide variety of colors and textures
Sometimes called synthetic stucco, EIFS originally started out as a cladding system for commercial buildings some 30 years ago. Due to it’s infinite design flexibility and insulating characteristics, it soon became a popular choice for high-end residential builders in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s and is still widely used today. Properly installed, it can be a highly energy efficient and water-resistant system.
There are two types of EIFS systems, barrier and drainable. Barrier, the earlier type, typically applied the insulating polystyrene board directly to the exterior sheathing with adhesive, followed by base coat, mesh and finish coat. There is no provision to deal with moisture that can be trapped if the system leaks.
Drainable, on the other hand, provides a drainage plane behind mechanically fastened insulation board to deal with this issue, should it occur. Most local building codes require drainage type systems today.
There are a number of versions of EIFS. The most basic and common EIFS is called a barrier EIFS (also known as a traditional or conventional EIFS). Another type is called an EIFS with Drainage, which is a barrier EIFS to which a water drainage capability has been added.

How EIFS is used

EIFS can be used on a wide range of buildings, including homes, apartments, condominiums, high-rise buildings, offices, malls, shopping centers, hotels, motels, clinics, government buildings, and so on. It can also be used to create facades and soffits on shopping centers, and for decorative purposes (to look like stone, or to create signage or artwork).

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)

Is an extremely energy efficient, light weight cladding that is versatile in design. From providing a true stucco look to realistically mimicking stone, brick, and other exterior claddings, EIFS can wrap almost any structure in a blanket of insulation. This allows building owners to obtain the look and feel they desire yet enjoy the operating benefits of low energy costs. Additionally, as a light weight cladding, EIFS allows building designers to reduce the structural requirements, and thus costs, in designing a building. Whether the project is new construction or the renovation of an existing building the design and energy benefits of EIFS make this cladding an ideal solution